Vision // Expertise // ROI

Is there a significant gap in your tech and engineering management structure? Are you feeling adrift in a sea of questions, with no compass? Is your tech roadmap out of control? Do you need a central person to get all your stakeholders on the same page? Are you trying to figure out where to start with your project?

You need an experienced, trusted decision maker. We’ll take the time to understand your business, so we can make sense of your specific tech landscape. Next, we'll instrument a viable strategy, customized for your enterprise. We bring a seasoned perspective to your organization, to help you formalize, prioritize, and accelerate your tech plan.



Product Advisory

guidance // efficient // full spectrum

Delivering the best digital product requires precise execution -- on the RIGHT business strategy.  Our experience, over decades of digital product development, has brought home the fact that every step of a product’s execution has to go well in order for the overall project to achieve success.  

It all starts with the product vision and business approach. We’ll help you tighten up your product concept and roadmap before anyone starts writing code. Knowing where your core product value lies, along with the plan for revealing that value to users -- that’s the key.  

Product Advisory



enhance optics // Increase Productivity // decrease human error

There’s a new expectation from modern consumers: your business is technology-enabled. Don’t hide from that -- embrace it. We’re here to help you use technology to tune up your business.  For every enterprise, there’s an appropriate level of tech adoption. We’ll work with you to identify your pain points and figure out where you’re leaving money on the table.  We’ll craft a roadmap for technology adoption that shows results right away, lets your employees do their REAL jobs instead of busy work, and turns the profit dial up to 11. Technology is your friend, not the bogeyman.  Let’s hold hands.



digital Prototyping

From Idea to reality // lightweight // tangible

Agile Software Development is great, but it doesn’t mean diving in without thought and preparation.  During the Discovery and Prototyping phase, we’ll help identify key components of the system, define how users interact with the product, and figure out the overall shape of your ecosystem.  Based on critical user paths through the app, we’ll create a clickable visual prototype, which we can then use to refine the product concept and user experience. Trust us, you’ll appreciate both the process AND the result.

Digital Prototyping

Product Development

Product Development

In unison // agile // on time

Execution on a well-defined plan is the key to on-time delivery.  But we’ve already worked with you to do the required homework, so we’ll execute on our well-crafted roadmap and technical plan, using weekly sprints to ensure consistent performance and delivery.  

Every week, we’ll do an in-depth review of what has been created recently, with a demonstration of user experience, along with tangible results and outcomes. Yes, it requires dedication and participation from your side -- but hey, it’s your product. Let’s do it right.



Product Launch

we’ve made a list // checked it thrice // Let’s do this

Launch day is always fun.  Also, gut wrenching, sleepless, and possibly terrifying (if you’ve never done it before).  We’ve launched tons of product, and we’re here to reassure you during the whole process. We’ll make checklists, contingency plans, and test scenarios.  We’ll double-check and triple-check. We’ll handle whatever comes up. Whether it’s mobile/web/backend/internal - your rollout is going to be just fine.

Product Launch

Feature Enhancement

Feature Enhancement

Data Speaks // Build Smart // Give them what they want

Launch is not the end; in fact, it’s just the beginning.  Once real-world users get their hands on your product, they’re going to tell you exactly how they want to use it and what they’re thinking.  And by “tell you” we mean they’ll “show you” -- we’re going to help you study everything your users do in the app and turn that into actionable intelligence.  

Up to this point, you and your team have been working on good ideas and conjecture. But now’s the time to strap in and learn from what your users are actually doing.  Be clinical and ruthless, and IMPROVE your product.




software breaks // things change // we’re here for you

Change is the only constant -- and this is doubly true in the tech world.  Nowadays, no one can afford to let their product stagnate in the market. Frameworks need updating, new OS versions have to be prepped, critical bugs are discovered and fixed in your packages (wait, what?), and *gasp* massive vulnerabilities get reported, exploited, and patched.  

Oh, and all of that stuff -- that’s not even in YOUR code. That’s right, that’s just in the frameworks and packages that your code is built on. Scary? No, just the reality of supporting product in the modern era. But hey, we’ll do all this on your behalf… so you got that goin’ for you… which is nice.